Release 7.9

Release date: 2016-07-11

New features:

  • Virtual PBX added new options and reports to web-cabinet
  • Added support of SMPP protocol, including Billing and HLR dipping
  • Enhancements in standard FreeBSD installer, which help to enhance disk subsystem speed
  • Virtual PBX implemented billing scheme with Consumption profile.
    Previously this billing scheme was available only for other schemes.
  • Fixed error with sudden import interruption of a very big price-list.
  • Added new variable ${BALANCE_CUTOFF} for balance control.
    In this variable system passes to e-mail generation system a value of balance on which traffic will be blocked.
  • To control balance threshold added a new general option to specify e-mail of Smartswitch owner for notifications.
    Previously you had to do it for each company individually.
  • Added default mail templates for various subsystems on different languages.
    This was done to simplify initial configuring.
    Also you can change existing mail templates according to your needs.
  • Changes in Localization.
    When user logs in first time, system saves his browser locale.
    Then this locale is used to generate invoice and send e-mail.
    If you need to send invoice to user at a moment, when his locale is not known yet, then locale set in menu System -> Cluster settings -> locale prior auto-detect is used.
    User locale could be changed either through his web-cabinet, or this could be done by administrator.
  • Changes in Mail templates.
    For each mail template you can specify details for each of locales.
    Previously you had to add a separate template for each locale.
  • Added possibility to configure default Billing pack.
    This might help to simplify configuring when adding new contractor, if you provide common prices for all.
  • Companies -> web-access settings -> locale moved to Companies -> locale.
    Users -> web-access settings -> locale moved to Users -> locale.
    This was done because locale is needed not only for web-access but to generate invoice or send e-mail.
  • Added possibility to configure default Route class.
    This should simplify configuring when adding a new contractor, in case if you perform same routing for all contractors.
  • Implemented Number pool generation
  • Call generation system has been extended to perform tasks of automatic provider testing.
  • CDR comparison:now could be performed not only on whole company, but on individual peers as well.
    This might be useful to investigate reasons of billing disputes on different traffic types (for example, premium and standard)
  • Added a FAS indicator to Termination control (see Fighting with FAS).
    This feature currently works together with automatic Call generation.
    System now can detect FAS on a route automatically by call generation, and Termination control can block destinations or whole peer when FAS is detected, with sending notification e-mail.
  • added option "leave messages on server" to Mail accounts.
    Currently this options works only for IMAP.
  • in web-cabinets menus "Callee ID" has been renamed to "Extensions" as more familiar to users
  • at User settings new options "substitute caller ID", "substitute caller name" has been added.
    This options are needed, because users often use different softphones and ii's hard for technical support to explain users how to set up needed caller ID, which will be reflected on callee's display.
  • all standard call handlers have been modified to support B-numbers with + at start out of the box without additional settings.
  • #1248: Billing pack in destination codes mode import: in case if there is present destination codewith activation date, after which there are already prices configured, the latter are deleted.
  • #1255: Support of 2 prices by email update types - full and partial - in combination with option "delete absent codes".
  • #1247: Billing pack generation:choose activation time for price increase in accordance with contract conditions
  • #1251: Option "hide tax in minutes" moved from Billing pack to Companies
  • #1246: When importing prices from e-mail don't allow to accept price increase for elapsed time
  • #1245: When generation billing pack system should remember chosen generation profile and on next generation should propose it automatically
  • #1243: Added variable ${TARIFF} when exporting prices by email.
    When sending price-list to client this variable is used to generate e-mail, thus you can in body or in subject specify tariff type (for example, premium or standard).
  • #1242: Added variable ${UPDATE_TYPE} for exporting prices to e-mail.
    When sending prices to customer this variable is used to generate e-mail, thus you can specify in body or subject update type: full (price-list contains all codes) or partial (price-list includes only codes with changes).
  • #1242: Added variable ${DATE} to export prices to e-mail.
    When sending prices to customer this variable is used to generate e-mail, thus you can in body or subject specify a date or price-lis generation.
  • #1200: Added a filter among peers to find peers with call recording enabled.
    Thus you can find peers, on which audio-recording is enable and disable it if needed.
  • #1238: API change at Swipe payment aggregator
  • #1237: Display at web-cabinet Information -> name instead of General -> name
  • #1231: Added logging of all web-interface successful authentication attempts.
    Also you may see from which IP-address user has logged in.
  • #1234: Automatic billing pack import from e-mail: possibility to accept separately standard and premium price-lists
  • #1235: Provider testing: save pcap dump of calls
  • #1233: Possibility to configure separate e-mail for invoices in company's settings
  • #1232: Loop detection system: Possibility to enable or disable feature per whole cluster with single option
  • #1138: Routing by number could be used together with routing by billing code.
    This gives possibility to configure routing regardless of price-list contents.
    At the same time, you can use an older mode as well, when billing code is matched using price-lists, and then routing by billing code is performed.
  • Redirection has been improved: from now on you can dial several users with parallel dial and in case if they have redirection configured, redirection will be done by parallel dial as well
  • #1224, #1225: Added checks and help popups when saving Call handler, which doesn't allow to save ambiguous configuration.
  • #1227: Full support of SIP Presence "out of the box" without additional configuration
  • #1217: Routing by destination code ACD
  • #1219: Option "price increase deferral" has been moved to Billing pack.
    Previously it was inside Price by e-mail import patternsе
  • #1218: Billing pack generation: "activation time" option format has been changed.
    Previously you had to configure exact time there.
    Now you should specify the amount of days from current time.
    This allows to specify this option only once and then on consequent generations don't change it.
  • #1212: Perform sorting in generated price-list not by destination code but by description
  • #1211: Enhancements in destination codes export
  • #1209: Filter to find paid and not paid invoices
  • #1210: Billing pack generation: Perform rounding to 5 digits when generating price
  • #1208: When navigating don't hide other menus
  • Optimizations for Call capturing
  • #1197: generating AMI call events to system AMI account to integrate with 3rd party CRM systems
  • #1194: Provider testing: possibility to lookup a call generation task by a user who has added it
  • #1192: Provider testing: display destination descriptions, to which there have been calls generated
  • #1193: Provider testing: Possibility to lookup call generation tasks by specific peer
  • Re-factoring of integration with Payment systems
  • #1184: add an option "replace callee/caller ID" to Call handler element Dial
  • #1180: Billing pack generation: add option "skip codes for which there is no description"
  • #1177: Provider testing: save link to number pool inside task
  • #1175: don't allow to view details in Calls if there is no access to peer
  • #1174: HLR for user group
  • #1170: background CDR deletion
  • #1169: auto-deletion of prices and change history
  • #1171: enhancements for Deactivation by balance: new variables when sending e-mail
  • #1155: Provider testing
  • #1165: [fail2ban] block those who spawn too many sessions
  • #1154: [payment systems] support Swipe
  • #1162: new variable for balance threshold control
  • #1157: Check routing: add feature to check by country code and not by full number
  • #1145: [SIP] show warning when settings dangerous combinations of insecure port and insecure INVITE
  • #1144: financial report export to file
  • #1139: add call limit to Route class for all sub-menus
  • #1142: possibility to configure minimal refill amount through Payment systems
  • #1108: add ICE API setDeactivationDate()
  • #1137: mark with color Call detail report and Profit report
  • #1135: move file directories from /usr/local/smartswitch to /usr/local/smartswitch/files
  • #1112: call recordings auto-deletion
  • #1124: don't display NULL peers in active calls
  • #1133: Loop detection system: add possibility to export
  • #1127: substitute A-number randomly from Number pools
  • #1129: Payment systems: add possibility to configure currency to refill
  • #1121: auto-deletion of captured pcap files
  • #1111: add support of SMPP
  • #1110: add ICE API getChannels() for Virtual PBX
  • #1107: new filter for Call detail report - show answered calls
  • upload audio-file directly from web-menu (don't choose from buffer)
  • #1104: Payment systems: for each one add a configurable default refill value
  • #1100: [callback, AMI] possibility to interconnect internal numbers
  • #1098: [ICE] add API getUser() which will return UserPrx for current ICE login
  • #1097: add to GUI "sdpsession" option to replace with some other vendor name
  • #1096: audio playback when CRM contact card is displayed
  • #1042: add A-number billing for originators and gateways
  • #1095: add payment system qiwi
  • #1094: [SIP] add option of "authentication method"
  • #1066: black and white lists for all terminators
  • #1078: add option "Currencies" for payment systems
  • #1089: [SIP] support premature media by defaults
  • #1084: add support of SIP SIMPLE Messaging
  • #1080: add payment systems: Sberbank Online, QBank, PromSvyazBank, Bank Russkiy Standart, Alfa-Bank
  • #1065: avoid codec translation whereas possible
  • #1082: [H323] add parameter external address for system to work under NAT
  • #1055: [SIP] add option "rtp keepalive" for peers
  • #1077: add option "balance currency" for users and user groups
  • #1027: check tariff from web-cabinet
  • #1071: allow users of Virtual PBX to add their own MOH classes and audio-files
  • #1067: [currency auto-update] add % to rate which is got through API


  • fixed API Smartswitch::User::getContacts()
  • #1254: System detects wrong number of lines in Excel file
  • #1253: billing packs import in "destination code" mode
  • #1230: Profit report and Financial report block database
  • #1221: System can't handle incoming e-mail with prices if it has file with empty name attached
  • #1187: PERIOD variable is not set for termination controllers
  • #1188: white-space in email list
  • #1183: can't hangup calls from GUI unless glacier2router is not launched and user doesn't have IСE=yes configured
  • #1176: in cluster in Calls shows calls amount 2 times more than there is really
  • #1167: Code report: Unknown column 'object_id' in 'where clause'
  • #1168: CPS limit on user group and user is not applied
  • #1160: sip realm - configure in cluster settings and not on Nodes
  • #1156: when adding account shows «You are going to add administrator»
  • #1075: problems with dialog scrolling in Chrome
  • #1150: 64к bandwidth is not enough to synchronize pcap files between cluster nodes, add possibility to configure bandwidth value
  • #1148: call handler: disallow to merge branches when there is a A-number match
  • #1149: error in CDR comparison
  • #1143: Code report when there are too many codes - GUI restarts
  • #1141: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction sometimes when saving company settings
  • #1136: import prices with price taken not from file but from Values
  • #1132: [Prices import patterns] unable to save price 0.025
  • #1120: CRM system: client card exceeds screen
  • #1119: unable to save call detail report display mode in user web-interfaceпользователя
  • #1116: Loop detection system: the same e-mail is sent in a loop
  • #1102: sending e-mail from slave in a cluster
  • #1101: [User export]: Unknown field name: balance_currency_id
  • #1081: when exporting CDR company's time zone is not accounted
  • #1076: when refilling round sum to 2 digits and display comma instead of point
  • #1074: [Check routing]: Subquery returns more than 1 row
  • #1072: Check routing from user group doesn't work

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