CDR comparison

Sometimes during work with customers (clients or suppliers) there can occur debatable situation - dispute.
It happens in case if you receive invoice from partner, you perform check using your own billing, for example using Financial report for the period and detect difference.
The same situation can occur on your partner side, when he receives invoice from you.

Usually this happens due to following reasons:
  • mistake while configuring prices for destination and tariff parameters.
    For example, your partner has changed price for destination, or billing increment, and forgot to inform you.
  • mistakes in peer configuration at your side or at partner's side.
    For example, according to configuration the calls are assigned not the peer which you supposed to.
  • difference in chosen mode of Duration rounding
  • network delay in packet delivery
    For example, packet SIP 200 OK, which signalizes about picking up the receiver, will arrive at your terminator's side earlier than on yours.
    Packet travel time may vary depending on network conditions and on large call volume can cause visible difference.
  • malfunction of sotware or hardware (for example, hanged calls on your side or on partner's side; calls which hasn't been stored in database, etc)

Usually acceptable difference percentage is negotiated in contract between you and your partner and is up to 5%.
In case if difference exceed negotiated level, then it's needed to perform check to determine the reason for difference and, therefore, the order of actions to eliminate the root of the difference.
This can involve, for example, destination price change and performing Redo billing.

Smartswitch contains tool for performing such a check and finding CDRs which differ: Сompare CDR.

This tool allows:
  • import CDR from file
  • set parameters for selection from Smartswitch database.
  • set acceptable deviation in a set of CDR parameters
  • display difference between CDR from file and CDR from Smartswitch database

Once you got the list of CDRs with difference, you can review each of them and determine the root of difference.

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