Profit control

Generally speaking, the purpose of using the Smartswitch as Softswitch in business is to make a profit.

Profit is calculated as difference between amount that was paid to us and amount that we must pay for the service. So, to make a profit this difference must be positive. In telephony applications, that means that incoming call leg has to have greater price than the outgoing one for every call.

In case of large number of customers and providers with hunting, that control may be rather difficult. Fortunately, when using the Streamco Smartswitch system, you don't have to worry about profit at all, because system it will automatically control it for you.

Profit options are configured on inbound dial-peers (customers or end users), because routing begins on them. There are several profit control options available:

  • profit only. Only routes with profitable price participate in hunting;
  • no losses. Only routes with not greater price (lesser or equal) participate in hunting.
  • allow losses. All routes participate in hunting.

The most common used option is profit only. It will prevent you from non-profit calls and from loosing your money.

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