Connecting to conversation additional participants

Connecting to conversation additional participants (also known as n-way conference) - a process of creating a conference during a call, using certain DTMF combinations and dynamically attaching to conference new participants.

This VAS could be activated from User side.
In case if user participates in a call through a call via originator or terminator (for ex. during Call forwarding, then he won't be able to activate this VAS due to billing constraints.

A process of connecting additional participants looks like follows:
1. During a call one of participants enters certain DTMF combination during connection (by default *5).

2. After DTMF has been recognized,both subscribers are put into dynamically allocated conference-room.
Both subscribers hear audio message that they have been placed into conference mode.
As far as both subscribers appear in conference-room, they can continue communicating.

3. Next, any of users - participants of the conference, say user А, can enter DTMF #.
On this event, a voice prompt is played to user А to enter a number of new conference participant.
Next dial tone is played.
User B hears music on hold meanwhile.

4. User А enters number of user C.
To begin a call you need either to press # or to wait a few seconds.
After this system will invoke outgoing call to user C.
New call is written off subscribe A balance.

5. After successful dial, user А can talk to user C, enter *5 and both subscribers will be placed to conference to user B, which already waits for them.

6. In case if user A couldn't reach user C, the system returns him back to conference to user B.

7. In case if user A has reached user B, but decided not to invite him to conference, he could enter DTMF *6.
After this outgoing call will be hanged up, and he will return back to subscriber B.

Step-by-step instruction of configuring this VAS is located in section Configuring creating conference during conversation.

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