Call forwarding

Call forwarding — (Call diversion) is a feature of telephony network to redirect incoming call to some other number.
The number, on which the call is diverted, accepts incoming call and if needed automatically diverts it to some other number.
Therefore, the subscriber can, for example, accept calls, which came to his office number, on his home or mobile phone.

Smartswitch in standard installation supports call forwarding in the core.
The redirection parameters can be set by user in his web account (or could be specified by administrator in user's settings).

Configuring instructions are located in section Configuring call forwarding.

Forwarding conditions

Call forwarding occurs in the moment when Dial application is invoked to place call to user.
The available conditions for forwarding, which could be set in web-account:

  • always
    All calls, which are expected to be placed to user, are automatically forwarded to other phone.
    And outgoing call is not generated to user.
  • busy
    The call is forwarded to some other number, if user's line is busy (call has been hanged up with cause AST_CAUSE_USER_BUSY).
  • no answer
    The call is forwarded to specified number in case of no answer (call has been hanged up with cause AST_CAUSE_NO_ANSWER).
  • network failure
    The call is forwarded to specified number, in case if call hasn't been answered and wasn't hanged up with cause, which signals about failure (neither AST_CAUSE_NO_ANSWER nor AST_CAUSE_USER_BUSY).

The user can choose several conditions for call forwarding. In this case forwarding will occur, if any of these conditions will be met.
Besides the forwarding condition, the user should specify one or several redirection numbers in corresponding menu of web-account.


You can specify priorities for Redirection numbers.
In case if numbers have same priority, system performs Call forking for these numbers.
In case if numbers have different priorities, system dials them consecutively.

It's possible to mix numbers with same and different priorities.
In this case system will consecutively dial numbers in the ascending order of priority, and when it will step to a group of numbers with same priority, will perform Call forking for these numbers.

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