Call generators

Ways of generation

Calls can be generated:
  • manually
  • automatically with scheduling in specific time

Application schemes

For these schemes there are available pre-configured Call generation algorithms.
Using them, it's easy perform everyday tasks without annoying configuring.

Besides that, you can configure custom Call generation algorithm, which will differ from standard ones.
There you can configure the scheme of generating of outbound call, and which actions will be done, when the callee will pick up.
As least it's easy to configure message playback and IVR.

Theory of operation.

A special background application each second checks Call generators, enabled in web-interface, in which activation time became less than current.
In case if Timetable is specified, it's also checked to make sure that desired conditions for launch has become.

When a call generator with suitable conditions for launch is detected, the application starts generating outbound calls according to configuration of this call generator.

In case if there is configured parallel call generation to several callees, then the system generates outbound calls in parallel, but no more, than batch call count in 1 iteration.
Between iterations the system makes pause with duration batch pause (sec), if specified.

For each outbound call system launches specified call handler, which is configured inside Call generation algorithm.

After all calls for a given call generator are generated, the system disables it.
In case if the check-box delete after processing is set, the system will delete the generator.
In case if parameter repeat ring round in (sec) is set - call generation will happen once again after the specified amount of seconds will elapse.

In case if parameter delete number after pickup is set, after picking up the number is deleted from numbers to dial list.

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