Billing pack

All information related to billing, is located inside Billing packs.
Billing pack - is a set of information, which enables to determine the cost of a call and its duration in minutes basing on called number and duration in seconds.

Billing pack is configured in menu Billing packs.

Billing pack can be used in one of modes, which differ in a way the partner gives you information about prices:

  • pricelists.
    In this case information is taken from Pricelists.
    Inside Pricelists activation date is common for all data from the pricelist.
    This mode is convenient to choose, if partner sends to you a full pricelist when he changes some billing parameters.
    The pricelist from partner contains both destination codes which had changes and destination codes without changes and the activation date is common for all destination codes from that pricelist.
  • destination codes.
    In this case information is taken from Destination codes.
    Inside Destination codes each code has its activation date and a history of changes.
    This mode is convenient, if partner when changes billing sends you partial updates.
    Partial updates contain only a list of changes - for example, "billing parameters change for destination code X starting from date Y" and for each change there could be its own activation date.
    Or in case if partner sends full prices update (as in pricelists mode) but for each destination code there is separate activation date.

Billing pack could be configured for company, originator, terminator, gateway, user group.
Usually it's enough to set up billing pack for company.
Then all peers of this company will use this billing pack.
However you can redefine billing pack for each peer.
This might be handy for Prefix authentication with separate billing for each prefix.
Also if peer doesn't belong to any of companies, then you should specify billing pack for peer if you want billing for this peer.

Billing pack generation

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