Billing pack pricelists

Each pricelist contains:

  • activation time.
    This is time, starting from which system "sees" whole pricelist.
    Activation time is needed if you partner notifies you beforehand about prices change and you want system to automatically react to this change at right time.
  • timetable.
    This is time of week (or some complex combination of time of week), when this pricelist is active.
    For example, night/day time, weekend, etc.
  • prices.
    Practically this is a most valuable part of pricelist.
    Each destination code will be billed according to its price, which is configured here.
    You can easily export/import from file each price-list using File manager.

In case if you need to add change to pricelist - it's recommended to insert a new pricelist with needed activation time and specify in it needed billing parameters.
Therefore, if later you'll need, you can perform Billing re-calculation for this period and system will correctly re-calculate calls with old billing parameters and with new ones..
In case if you will change billing parameters in current price-list, basing on which some CDR have been already stored, then ,when doing Billing re-calculation, all CDR matching to activation time of price-list, will be re-calculated with new billing parameters and you won't be able to restore old billing parameters, basing on which this calls have been stored originally.

An exception from this is typo when filling price-list.
In this case you should fix typo and then perform Billing re-calculation, in case if some calls have been stored with wrong billing parameters.

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