Billing packs

Principle of work is described in section Billing pack.


name - informational field, by which you can identify billing pack.
use - usage mode, see section Billing pack
currency - default currency for all prices from billing pack. In submenu you can re-define currency for certain destination codes.
price includes tax - enable this option in case if there is a tax included into price. Otherwise, in case if Company has tax configured, tax will be added to specified price.
price increase deferral (days) - if enabled, the system will check timeliness of price increase and destination removal notifications from peer and display error on import in case if partner violates contract and notifies not in time.
generation profile - see section Billing pack generation
import exception class - see section Billing pack import exceptions

Price import from e-mail

This functionality is described in section Prices by e-mail.

e-mail - partner's e-mail, which is authorized for automatic price-list import
mail account - Mail account, which is used for automatic e-mail download.
import class - Price by e-mail import class, which is used for automatic parsing and import of accepted e-mail
file template - in case if partner sends various price-list tariffs (for example, Standard, Premium, etc) from the same e-mail address, you can specify template of attached file name to inform Smartswitch, that this billing pack should accept only certain category of price-lists.

Price export to e-mail

Options from this sections are used for automatic export and sending of price-lists to customer's e-mail.

tariff - in case if you support various tariffs for customer (for example, Standard, Premium, etc), this field should contain name of that tariff.
This name will be passed inside variable ${TARIFF} to the process of e-mail generation by Mail template, and will be added to attached file name to enable your customer to correctly identify received information from downloaded e-mail.



Price-lists - this menu is used in the price-lists mode (see section Billing pack)
E.164 codes - this menu is used in the *destination codes mode (see section Billing pack)
Minute duration definitions



Price-list generation

These tools allow to get full price -list with a list of changes in the format, which has established in inter-operator price-list exchange.
This price-list could be later exported to file or automatically sent to all partners, which have that billing pack configured.

Prices with changes
Actual prices

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