Release 7.10

Release date: 2016-08-18

New features:

  • added support for FreeBSD-10.3
  • #1281, #1297, #1306: default mail templates
  • #1293: add possibility to choose which callee ID to send to user on outbound call to him.
    1) user name (works for majority of softphones, also this might be needed in case if connection is by IP and without registration, currently this mode works by default)
    2) callee ID (in case if user has several DID assigned and user want to implement different login on inbound call depending on incoming DID)
    3) registered contact (often users want such option - to pass back to them callee ID which equals to Contact field of SIP registration packet)
  • #1303: [balance control for companies]: add possibility to specify default value
  • #1062: implement balance controller for users
  • #1304: add option "send copy to creator" to send e-mail copies
  • #1309: delete locale from Invoice templates - locale should be taken from company/user settings
  • #1311: Invoice templates: separate Localization details from general settings
  • #1310: Invoice generation for company: add Companies -> Periodic invoices to configure common periodic invoices for all companies
  • #1296: Price by e-mail export classes: delete locale - use locale from company's settings
  • #1314: Price by e-mail classes: move relevant settings from Companies to Billing packs
  • #1313: Price by e-mail classes: add default values
  • #1319: Graphs: - make process parallel for CPU, network, calls, disk
  • #1320: RADIUS protocol: check codecs which come from billing in config
  • #1321: graphs for disk performance
  • #1329: captcha for login page
  • #1333: Profit report: add option "show profit per destination code"
  • #1336: add option to automatically Redo billing after prices have been imported
  • #1350: implement base Route class
  • #1351: [Excel import] skip hidden sheets
  • #1352: Lanck price-lists support: there are 2 columns - start date and end date
  • #1347: [Excel import]: add tab "Excel".
    In this tab add
    - start from sheet - if empty, start from 1st opened (the same as was previously by default)
    - skip last sheets - how many sheets to skip from end
  • #1357: export destination code description on price-list export
  • #1358: pass to RADIUS not original but replaced caller and callee IDs
  • #1363: rename Recordings conversion (.wav to .mp3) to Recordings conversion to MP3
  • #1359: allow recording to sln
    Coding to mp3 requires more CPU resources.
    Recording to wav requires more space on HDD.
    Need to allow to choose into which format to record for client.
  • #1368: add check-box "enabled" for Tasks
  • #1374: need to generate call table in HTML to send Termination control mail in HTML
  • #1376: add option "duration rounding" on peers
  • #1380: Telephony -> System live -> SIP peers should show information not from current node, but gather information from all nodes
  • #1378: SIP peers for user's web cabinet
  • #1382: Statistics report: add option "hide empty reports"
  • #1384: add possibility to cancel any long report generation
  • #1389: Mail: add "retry" option for IMAP
  • #1390: Mail accounts: add incoming/outgoing protocol option "none"
  • #1399: add Users -> Reports -> Captures calls
  • #1400: Billing re-calculation: take into account filter by peers when running on all peers
  • #1408: add CPS limit for Call generation
  • #1410: add e-mail validator
  • #1413: Activation and deactivation: after deactivation by balance activate on refill
  • #1430: SIP registration through TLS
  • #1421: [apache24] remove from httpd.conf SSLCertificateChainFile
  • #1434: choose caller ID by callee ID on incoming calls from users
  • #1441: show progress bar when displaying call generation tasks
  • #1442: don't clone tasks when cloning Call generators


  • #1298: invoice cloning doesn't work
  • #1295: Profit report: out of memory when too many codes displayed on page
  • #1302: incorrect price of call in Telephony -> System live -> Calls
  • #1299: incorrect matching of number pattern when routing - add pattern priorities
  • #1316: CDR incorrectly saved on incoming call to Virtual PBX and redirection to internal extension
  • #1317: incoming call to Virtual PBX with redirection and call forking: problems with call recording
  • #1312: when routing to Virtual PBX it doesn't work unless SIP is configured on it
  • #1328: Profit report: wrong total sum
  • #1331: RADIUS protocol: route id begins of 3
  • #1332: calls stuck on no answer from RADIUS
  • #1334: export to pdf, file name with whitespace, unable to open file
  • #1335: Price import by e-mail: Billing import exceptions are not taken into account
  • #1339: Virtual PBX: Billing re-calculation on dealer doesn't take into account calls from slave peers
  • #1341: forced logoff from web-cabinet on invoice export when company doesn't have locale configured
  • #1343: invoices with total sum less than 1 are not generated
  • #1344: Number pools: sql error on generation
  • #1346: [Excel import] support several sheets
  • #1353: on display of Actual prices after applying filter by code it begins to re-calculate again
  • #1354: Destination code is disabled and activation time (2016-06-01 00:00:00) does not match
  • #1355: lock error on simultaneous import of several Billing packs
  • #1361: if record not to mp3 and not to wav - then Audio tab is not displayed
  • #1362: fail2ban stopped working
  • #1366: impossible to change Profit controller
  • #1372: destination zones are not imported
  • #1370: destination codes export - sql error
  • #1371: when cloning Billing pack - Import exceptions Destination zones are not cloned
  • #1375: Termination control: empty details in e-mail
  • #1377: when Call capturing mode = chain, outbound call is not always captured
  • #1367: sip whitelist doesn't work
  • #1379: SIP peers: shouldn't display users which shouldn't be seen to current user
  • #1383: Routing doesn't work if terminator name contains comma
  • #1391: SMPP protocol: Terminator -> Nodes doesn't work
  • #1394: [redo billing timetable] не работает если запланирован системой
  • #1397: exception on saving My settings in web-cabinet of retail user
  • #1398: Profit report: footer is incorrectly calculated for destination code
  • #1401: Termination control: FAS threshold calculated as 1 although configured 0
  • #1405: Messaging - billing packs - destination codes - export doesn't work
  • #1407: impossible to save Billing pack import template for messaging
  • #1409: Call generation: crash on config update
  • #1412: [Billing pack import] problem with option "price increase deferral"
  • #1417: SMPP protocol: exception om cancel()
  • #1418: Vivaldi SMS provider drops connection if there is no messages within 60 sec
  • #1419: sending fas from user's web-cabinet
  • #1422: Call capturing: when there is a white space in file name, apache doesn't allow to download file
  • #1427: when users are imported, warning on cleartext password is not displayed
  • #1426: when users are generated into user group, which is created by Virtual PBX administrator, warning isn't shown
  • #1428: Profit report: profit for outbound direction
  • #1429: megafon-HLR sometimes returns failure
  • #1438: when user is disabled, accounts made by him are disabled too
  • #1440: unable to import Number pools. Stucks each time.

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