group - can choose one of Company groups
loss controller - set Loss controller if needed.
telephony service - used for Invoice generation.
time zone -time zone in which company resides.
web-access - described in section Providing web-access to a company


Format for the tabs Inbound, Outbound is the same:

Here you can specify one of Billing packs.
You can override this setting on per-peer basis.


Format for the tabs Their balance, Our balance, Mutual balance is the same:

The difference between these balances is described in section Balances.

balance cutoff - described in section Balance cutoff

credit amount - used for Balance cutoff.
Here you can specify how negative balance could be before cutting off.
credit currency - specify in which currency credit amount is.

Parameters for Balance threshold control are described in appropriate section:
balance threshold amount
balance threshold currency
balance alarm email
balance alarm mail template
balance mail time


Parameters from this tab are described in section Activation and deactivation

Consumption profiles

This tab is used for selection of Consumption profiles for the company.


e-mail - address to which deactivation alerts will be sent and e-mails of Termination control.
mail account - mail account, which will be used to send e-mails to this company.
deactivation mail template - mail template which will be used on deactivation.
termination control mail template - mail template, which will be used for sending e-mail, when termination control will generate data.


In this tab information about company is filled.
Information from this tab is used on Invoice generation.


Below company edit there is menu:


System live


Parameters and settings which are used in Widget classes.



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