Balance cutoff

This is a mode, when system can limit inbound or outbound traffic to company or subscriber.
System performs this operation taking into account current balance.
You can set this parameter for any of available balance types (their balance, our balance, mutual balance).

There exists following options to cutoff by balance:

  • yes.
    Calls are dropped or not generated, when corresponding balance becomes negative.
  • no.
    Balance cutoff is not performed.

In case if none of balance cutoff options is not used - this equals to using credit system (postpaid).
Currently 2 applications in a system use balance information - Softswitch and Calling cards.

In case if any balance cutoff mode is configured, billing system calculates and sets session time limit in seconds before handling each passing call.
This limitation is calculated by dividing current balance on minute price for dialed destination.

Balance cutoff works on short hands with Consumption profile and could be used together.

Also this feature protects against these types of attack:

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