Ping - utility to verify the integrity and quality of connections based on TCP/IP networks, as well as the everyday name of the request.

The utility sends requests (ICMP Echo-Request) to a specified node on the network and captures the incoming responses (ICMP Echo-Reply).
The time between sending a request and receiving a response (RTT, from the English. Round Trip Time) allows to determine the round trip delay (RTT) of a route and packet loss rate, that is, indirectly determine the load on the data transmission channels and intermediate devices.

Do not confuse Ping - determining the integrity and quality of communication with the transport protocols TCP connection and UDP - determining transmission and data rate!

Normal ping is 64 bytes long (plus 20 bytes of the IP-header).
According to RFC 791 standard IPv4 total size of the packet may not exceed 65 535 bytes.

Complete absence of the ICMP-Reply can also mean that the remote node (or any of the intermediate router) is blocking ICMP Echo-Reply or ignores ICMP Echo-Request.

To send ICMP-packets it's needed to create a raw-sockets.
Therefore, if Smartswitch is running in the emulator (such as VirtualBox), this function may not work.

Example of ping:

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