Billing pack generation

This tool allows to generate Billing pack from several others, taking into account various algorithms of price generation.
This tool could be useful for case, when you receive price-lists from your partners-terminators and you need to generate price-lists for your originators, using updated data from your partners.

To generate, first create resulting billing pack, for example SKYTel_OUT.
For a case, if you chose mode price-lists in resulting billing pack, add to it price-lists with needed activation date and timetable.
For example, you can add 2 price-lists - 1st with timetable for night calls, and 2nd - for daytime.

Then press Generate:

Choose generation parameters:

profit margin (%) - how many % to add to original price
profit margin (absolute) - amount in a currency, which to add to original price
profit margin algorithm - in case if specified absolute profit margin and margin in %, then this option defines, which margin to use when calculating final price.
price selection algorithm - which original price to use, in case if you have several prices from different suppliers for the same destination code.

skip codes for which there is no description - this option allows to not to include in resulting billing pack codes, for which there is no description in E.164 codes.
This might be useful for cases, when in contract with your partner it's written, that for each digital code there should always be description and otherwise that code won't be accounted.

step (minutes) - system checks prices on suppliers which a given step.
For example, if you've added to resulting billing pack night and daytime price-lists, the system will traverse with a given step over all nighttime, and will add destination code in resulting price-list only if it's available on suppliers all nighttime.
In case if you decrease step, the generation will take more time.

billing pack - choose original billing packs (you can select several by holding CTRL and choosing with mouse).

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