Splash control

1. Application calculates the count of calls in CDR for the given interval and for the same previous interval for current peer.

2. In case if the call count in current interval is less than count limit, then the value is accounted as statistically negligible.
Application stops processing of the current peer and moves to next one.

3. When 2 values, written above, are calculated, the application compares them and applies limits (relative and absolute).

Relative delta is calculated with formula

(now - previous) * 100 / now

Abolute delta is calculated with formula
now - previous

where now - call count in current interval, previous - call count in previous interval.

4. In case if result of comparison is beyond all (specified) limits, then e-mail is sent to specified e-mail using specified mail template and mail account.

When mail is composed, following arguments are given to mail template:
${PEER} - peer name, on basis of which check has been done
${PREVIOUS} - the count of calls in previous interval
${CURRENT} - the count of calls in current interval

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