Sending fax without fax machine

Sending fax without fax machine - is a popular VAS, which allows to send fax, while not having physical fax machine.
User uploads file from User web-interface, specifies number, to which to send fax, and all the rest is performed by the system.
User's menu is described in section Send fax.

Advantages over regular fax:

  • don't need special hardware
  • don't need special software
  • don't need separate phone line for fax
  • don't need paper
  • can send fax while physically out of office
  • can send fax using mobile phone

After fax has been sent, file with fax is attached to CDR.
Ten this file could be downloaded through Call detail report.

Configuring this VAS is described in section Configuring sending fax through web-interface.

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