Provider testing

This solution allows to test providers against such indicators:

Using Call generator Smartswitch directs calls to specified providers.
Generation could be initiated:
  • manually by adding new generation task
  • automatically by timetable.
    This is a good scheme in case if you want to perform instant dialing is a time when your employees don't work, for example at night.
Caller and callee numbers for generation could be:
  • specified manually or imported from file
  • used from Number pools, which could be automatically regenerated with the numbers from CDR.
    This is done to not to disturb the same subscribers by calling them.

After call generation finishes, ASR, ACD and FAS indicators are known.

To detect FAS following logic is used.
After pickup Smartswitch starts to playback short tones like the call has been disconnected.
Playing lasts 60 sec.
In case if call has been picked up by real subscriber, he likely will hang up within 60 sec, when he will hear short tone rings.
In case if after 60 sec called subscriber hasn't hanged up - this call is marked as FAS.

After call generation finishes, you can:
  • view call details and manually send notification to provider regarding unsatisfactory service quality and make a decision about blocking
  • in case if provider has Termination control configured - notification and blocking can occur automatically, when threshold values will be exceeded.
    Audio records will be attached to notification, by whom Smartswitch has decided about FAS present.
    And also CDR of problematic calls, which have low ASR and ACD.
Providers check could be completely automated:
  • Smartswitch initiates calls by timetable
  • numbers for dialing are automatically regenerated from CDR
  • Termination control blocks or unblocks providers according to ASR, ACD or FAS
Thus, you configure only once, and enhance the quality of services provided by you for your customers.
And in future just:
  • watch how system works
  • get copies of sent notifications
  • fix threshold values if needed
  • answer e-mails from your providers, when they will offer excuses.

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