The list of available locales is displayed.
System by default contains some pre-configured locales.
Also you can add yours.


internal - this locale won't be seen in combo-box locale in other menus of a system (for example, in Providing web-access to user)
inherit - inherit translations from chosen locales

fractional delimiter - which symbol to use as fractional delimiter for this locale.
For example, for Russian locale fractional delimiter is comma, for English - dot.
This is used to display fractional numbers in web-interface and for import of fractional numbers from file.

system locale - which locale to set up when invoking various system applications.
This is used, for example, for Graphs generation.
Configured locale will affect format of generated data in this case.

browser locale - in case if in Cluster settings browswer has been selected as locale, system will try to determine locale from client identification string, which is sent by your browser.
Then system sets web-interface locale to an entity, which browser locale field will match value, sent by browser.


key - key text combination, which is used in source code of web-interface
translation - how this key is translated in this locale

Русский перевод

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