Dealer - is a Smartswitch user, which has privileges to search and work with customer as if he is a Smartswitch owner/administrator.

The real Smartswitch owner has possibility:
  • define access rights for dealer (for example, allow or disallow to see settings of other dealers - like common routes etc)
  • define the price of service provision to dealer
  • limit calls made by dealer's customers by maintaining dealer's balance.
Dealer has possibility:
  • to search and work with customers directly
  • configure Smartswitch through web-account to allow calls from/to his customers in the frame of privileges, that has been granted to him by real Smartswitch owner
  • configure prices for services provision to his customers and perform billing and invoicing
  • use reports to control optimize business
  • create new dealers, making dealer hierarchy

The calls made in dealer mode will be shown both in peer's reports as usual and in all dealer's reports according to dealer hierarchy.
When a call gets billed, the peer's balance will be updated according to prices assigned by dealer to peer, and dealer's balance will be updated according to prices assigned to dealer by Smartswitch owner.
Whatever prices will be assigned by dealer for his customers, dealer's balance will be updated according to prices, assigned to dealer by Smartswitch owner.
When checking the balance to permit or deny the call, the system checks not only the balance of a peer, but also the balances of all dealers from the hierarchy.
Smartswitch owner can see all configuration changes done by all dealers, dealers also can see configuration changes made by dealers which they have created, according to dealer hierarchy.

A dealer mode is tightly coupled with implementation of Virtual PBX solution.
A virtual PBX subscribers are actually the dealers with a set of specific permissions granted by Smartswitch owner to create new extensions, configure VAS etc.

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