ICE API fundamentals are described in section ICE API

1. Install ICE library on host, on which you plan to invoke ICE API (Host further in text).
First search for ZeroC Ice in standard repository of your operating system.
If not found - choose installator for your platform here -
Download it and install according to instructions of platform you chose.

2. Choose programming language among available for ICE API.
The list of available languages is located here:
For example
You'll see a folder per supported programming language.

3. After you chose programming language, go to corresponging to language folder and download all files from there to Host.

4. Link your application on Host.
You need to link your application with ICE library, which has been installed in i.1, and include all files, downloaded in i.3.
This step will be different for different programming languages.
For example, for С++ you'll need to compile and link all .cpp files.
For PHP you'll need to include files in your progect via directive require.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 after each Smartswitch upgrade.

How to run PHP examples for ICE on FreeBSD host

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