Transformation of E164 number to MCC-MNC code

Transformation of E164 number to MCC-MNC code is a procedure which Smartswitch performs to find match of full E.164 number to MCC-MNC code in order to support Number portability feature.
Full E.164 number in mobile networks is called MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Number).

Transformation occurs in following order:

  1. Lookup by MSISDN in local HLR cache occurs.
    In case if data for MSISDN are found - they are returned.
  2. Lookup by configured HLR providers is performed (see section HLR dipping)
    In case if data is found - data is inserted into HLR cache and returned.
    In order to not to perform dynamic HLR lookup, it's needed to setup on peer, from which messages come, HLR handler = none.
    Due to often dynamic HLR lookup is a paid service, it might be useful to configure dynamic lookup only for particular countries.
    Or to configure to not to perform dynamic lookup for particular countries.
    This would consume more CPU, then disable HLR totally with option HLR handler = none.
    This could be done when configuring HLR routing.
  3. Lookup of static information inside static E.164 <-> E.212 map is performed.

HLR cache is periodically truncated with a given period to delete old obsoleted data.

Transformation of E164 number to MCC-MNC code is used in following subsystems:

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