SIP SIMPLE protocol

This protocol is supported along with SIP protocol.
Thus, inside the same SIP connection client could consume services of both Telephony and Messaging.

Message receive and transmit is possible in following modes:

  • in-call.
    These messages are routed to subscriber with whom you're currently talking.
    These messages doesn't pass Message routing system, are not billed according to Message billing and are not saved in reports.
  • out-of-call
    These messages pass through the Message routing system, are billed according to Message billing and are saved in reports.
    After routing these messages could be routed to SMPP provider, and delivered to cellular subscriber.
    Thus, customer is able both to call and send messages using the same SIP softphone.
    To enable this possibility you should enable an option Security -> out-of-call messaging = yes inside SIP parameters of a peer.

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