Release 8.2

Release date: 2020-06-24

New features:

#3243: Correct routing of DLR to several client connections under one account
#3264: Billing package - Changes: maintain the status of "no change"
#3258: Play audio from pcap
#3259: AmoCRM: by default, CDR must be saved in 'calls' mode
#3255: Implement the webrtc phone script for installation on third-party sites
#3252: Improve error messages when it is not possible to deliver a call to a user
#3245: Add option "interval between calls"
#3221: Statistical report: display sum by columns
#3240: HTTP channel: distribution across several DLR terminators from one source
#3238: Implement parsing the body of HTTP requests to interface with a larger number of partner systems for HLR / SMS / LNP / MNP
#3235: Add search in CDR by Call-id
#3232: HTTP channel: do not check HTTP status. This is necessary to interface with some SMS partner systems via HTTP
#3229: Take exchange rates from different source sites (except
#3222: Invoices / acts of completed work: allow specifying a discount in%
#3224: Allow creating an act of completed work from an invoice with the click of a button
#3227: Invoices: Add menu Related documents
#3226: Payments: make an invoice verification as in the Acts of work performed
#3189: Make fewer clicks to get a list of routes in the Route Class
#3218: Billing package: add option “delay code deletion”
#1814: Import of price lists: add the ability to specify the date of removal of missing codes in the price list
#3216: Implement invoice generation by template
#3219: Export of billing package: consider time zone on billing package
#2753: Tariff plans: add option "time zone"
#3196: Quality control: allow an empty E.164 code template that should match any code
#3180: Implement batch removal of addresses from IP ACL
#3167: Allow attaching a file to Invoices and Payments
#3197: Automatically cut spaces from the beginning and end of a number
#3209: Improve Ring Detector: send to a special call handler where you can play an audio file when a ring is detected
#3211: Implement global editable blacklist
#3206: Route classes: combine Numbers, Billing codes, Zones into one table
#3201: Import from Excel: display an error if the user tries to skip the only sheet present
#3202: Import of prices: do not delete missing codes if nothing was imported
#3208: Implement replacement patterns for the forwarding number and the forwarding name
#3205: SMPP channel: add option to enable parallel to serial conversion for segments
#3203: HTTP channel: increase default timeout to 60 sec
#3198: Implement generation of acts of completed work
#3199: Update tinymce 3 -> 4
#3188: Report on registrations: add details by hour and day
#3194: Forwarding: realize the ability to specify a schedule for the year ahead
#3193: Forwarding: allow setting the Schedule from 18:00 to 09:00 on weekdays
#3177: SMPP channel: Segmented SMS: convert parallel routing to serial
#3157: HLR: implement Hunting stop profiles
#3160: Restriction profiles: add the ability to specify different parameters depending on the price of a minute
#3170: SMPP channel: bring control of ENQUIRE_LINK timeouts to the web interface
#3165: Nodes -> SMPP: add global option "debugging"
#3159: Implement "Constraint profiles"
#3156: vendor shortcut: support template $ {CURRENT_YEAR}
#3155: Quality control: send inside the e-mail whether the direction was really blocked or not
#3149: Implement quality control for originators by analogy with terminators
#3154: Rename Termination Control -> Quality Control
#3152: Add filter by the name of the feast in the routes in the route class
#3127: SMPP channel: redefine registered_delivery from SMS
#3150: SMPP channel: implement a configurable outgoing queue size
#3144: SMPP channel: implement output of current fullness of SMS queue for peer
#3100: SMPP channel: add buffering
#3126: Allow redefining DLR contents
#3125: Check routing: allow adding new routes directly from the check form
#3138: HTTP channel: save HTTP URL and POST body in EDR
#3134: SIP channel: record user registration and registration in statistics
#3133: Implement removal of a route directly from the routing verification form
#3068: Implement a quick transition from route classes to peers where this class is installed
#3119: SIP channel: when re-sending timeout, you need to ban the partner at the SIP level, and not at the firewall level
#3122: Add the ability to configure different mail accounts and templates for different users
#3111: SMPP channel: Write to pcap CANCEL_SM / CANCEL_SM_RESP
#3114: SMPP channel: log system ID upon unsuccessful client BIND
#3110: SMPP: when sending CANCEL_SM, delete all SMS messages that will be canceled from the queue
#3105: Pcap media: need to be stored in separate files from the alarm to configure different storage periods for pcap media and pcap alarm
#3093: Implement voice message for deactivated users
#3078: The role of VPBX administrator: make the option "state interface" available to queue participants
#3098: Select the Hunting installation conditions tab in a separate menu Hunting stop profiles
#3097: Telephony -> Reports -> Recorded calls: display with details on the peer name
#3096: Telephony -> Reports -> Recorded calls: should show statistics on a peer, not on a host
#3010: Add a button in the web interface to remove audio from a specific call
#3094: Speed ​​up the output of a list of audio recordings
#3062: Implement mapping of average PDD on a route
#3091: Performance optimization: implement peer cache
#3090: Performance optimization: switch to late balance initialization
#3085: SMPP channel: Incoming connections: reconfigure peers without the need to reconnect a partner
#3084: SMPP channel: when changing settings, reboot only those peers that really changed
#3070: Telephony: When the generation task is tied to a specific peer for an answer - you need to check the availability of this peer
#3072: Add option Call generation -> Tasks -> feast for answering -> status interface
#3075: Add SMPP watchdog
#3073: Save a feast for dialing and a feast for answering the last added task, which will be automatically offered the next time a new task is added
#3066: Add the ability to specify a queue when generating calls via API
#3069: Test of replacement templates: add debugging
#3067: Pull values ​​from an import template (for information purposes)
#3051: Implement number restriction profiles
#3064: Add the "timeout" parameter in the SendDLR handler element
#3045: Add option "PDD timeout"
#3061: Duplicate number detector: allow configuring the option "write to number pool" = no
#3060: Add option "PDD timeout" for terminator / gateway
#3048: Export SMS prices: split the code into MCC + MNC
#3056: Allow overriding Hunting Class for specific number patterns
#3049: Financial report: add option "show last month"
#3057: Route classes -> E.164 numbers: Add auto-hide of unused fields
#3058: Make admin_portal configurable http-address and http-port
#3053: SMPP channel: allow replacing ValidityPeriod
#3046: SUBMIT_SM support from the originator, which comes as a DLR
#2681: Add API for creating call tasks


#3261: AmoCRM: when saving widget settings on the amo side, the CDR save mode is reset to 'notes'
#3257: AmoCRM click2call: problem if there are spaces in the number
#3244: Import of a billing package with the option "delete missing codes" + on duplicating a change "= delete: does not work correctly
#3230: SMS distribution tasks: no prefix on terminator is added
#3234: Problem with SQL cache: sometimes the cache is not updated with current data
#3231: Export number pools: fix progress display
#3223: Invoices / acts of completed work: the Send to mail menu does not appear
#3225: Invoices / acts of performed works: line is shifted Total
#3220: Show call details for too long
#3213: configd: restarting the application leads to IP migration
#3212: SMPP channel: Routing segments on a short path: A and B numbers are not substituted
#3200: Web interface reload
#3192: SMS: checking number length does not work correctly
#3191: Messages > Generation -> Tasks -> group pause: does not work
#3185: Watchdog: do not check the address if it is not on the host
#3183: Current state does not work with scheme with failover IP
#3181: Hunting stop classes: the call-back option does not work
#3176: rebooting termination controller
#3173: Unable to change username
#3168: When restarting an asterisk, sometimes it is not possible to capture an AMI socket
#3163: SMPP channel: bind address is not used for outgoing connections
#3164: SMPP channel: when changing connection parameters that affect the connection mode, you need to reconnect
#3158: Call generator: numbers are displayed sorted, and weren’t so inserted into the database
#3153: SMS content replacement is incorrect
#3147: SOHO: Check routing: extra columns
#3146: SOHO: hidden menu Number pools
#3143: HTTP channel: SMS: special characters in json are not escaped
#3142: SOHO: unable to add route class
#3140: SQL error: Table 'config.possible_routes_t' doesn't exist: select * from config.possible_routes_t limit 101 offset 0
#3136: lsof: takes too much CPU
#3041: web interface AddressSanitizer error
#3135: Send fax: shows error Unable to establish call
#3130: WebRTC: the signal is not played when an incoming call
#3124: If a periodic counter is configured with "verification iteration" = 1, it actually checks 2 iterations
#3121: Rebooting pcap capture when decoding SMPP packet
#3116: Report E.164 codes: shows the amount with -, when in the price-list “the called party pays” = yes
#3113: Detail report on E.164 codes: SQL error Column id in field list is ambiguous
#3112: Unable to switch display mode for supervisor
#3108: Unable to import windows csv file
#3107: fail2ban bans correct dialogs
#3101: Reload CDR insert
#3102: pcap capture for long calls with open RTP is interrupted after 1 hour
#3099: Balance informant sometimes fails to start
#3081: Fail to create a new contact in AmoCRM without a responsible user
#3088: Pcap does not capture some SMS
#3087: High CPU load
#3086: Generation of invoices for a company with a time zone: error Completion time in the future
#3080: Failed is not expected: Unreachable code assertion failed in file '/usr/ports/net/smartswitch/work/smartswitch-8.1.50339/sbc/res_smartswitch/misc.cxx' line 391
#3079: Taskd: delayed start time of system processes
#3074: Assertion! Ast_func_read (chan, MESSAGE (body)
#3065: Asterisk: does not cut "" at the last argument
#3035: Error with some calls: Weird parameters (16306852888, ANGARA, D, 639271796874 ,,,,) - attempt of break-in with comma injection
#3059: When copying SIP ACL is duplicated
#3055: Activation time does not change when copying Generation Tasks
#3050: Assertion e [ActionID] == m_callgen
> getActionId () when generating calls

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