Server interface

Server interface - is API, which Smartswitch presents to a client.
The API strictly follows recommendations of the JSON API Specification.
Access to the interface occurs on URLs that have the following format:

Available server interfaces:

name description
active_calls returns a list of currently active calls that are received on internal phones for this account
amocrm_settings saves settings for integration with AmoCRM for this account
call initiates 2 calls, and connects them together
cdr returns a list of CDR for the account
dlr sends message Delivery Receipt
hlr performs HLR dipping and returns the result
lnp_mnp performs LNP/MNP dipping and returns the result
message sends message
recordings returns the URL of the audio recording of the call

Client interface

Client interface - is API, which client presents to the Smartswitch.
This interface could be used by Smartswitch to deliver events to a client.
To access the interface, client provides URL.
This URL must be configured in peer settings on Smartswitch side.

Available client interfaces:

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