Number pools

In this menu one can group numbers in a pool.
Then, this pool can be used in various Smartswitch subsystems.




name - informational field to identify this tool


Number pool could be automatically periodically generated from CDR.
Generation launch time is configured in menu System -> Tasks -> Number pools generation.

enabled - включить автоматическую генерацию
number pattern - a pattern of B-numbers, which will be extracted from CDR
billing code pattern - a billing code pattern of numbers, which will be extracted from CDR
take callee ID from CDR between A days ago and B days ago - extract numbers from CDR from given time range
number count - maximal count of generated numbers in pool
min. answered seconds - extract numbers from calls whose answered duration is greater or equal to specified value
hangup cause - extract numbers for calls which have been hanged up with selected hangup causes



Numbers - numbers contained in this number pool


Generate - manually launch automatic pool generation without waiting when it's a time to launch according to Tasks.

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