Integration with Telegram

Smartswitch could be intergated with Telegram for notification sending and interactive reports generation.
For this, Telegram's system of chats and bots is used.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Create a bot using Telegram means (see How to create a Telegram bot).
    Record its token.
  2. Create chat using Telegram means.
    Add a bot named Get My Id to this chat.
    Get a chat ID from this bot.
    Record chat ID.
  3. In Smartswitch's web-interface add Telegram bot and specify its token, which you got in i.1.
  4. In Smartswitch's web-interface add Telegram chat and specify its ID, which you got in i.2.
After this Smartswitch can:

Please note!
As far as you are configuring both on Telegram and Smartswitch side,
you can be sure, that you're granting the access rights to appropriate users.
Nobody from foreigh users or chats won't be able to get your confidential information.
Smartswitch sends notifications and responds to commands only to granted chats.

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