HLR information

HLR (Home Location Register) - mobile operator database, in which he stores information data about each connected subscriber.

HLR information - information, which is provided by a number of providers.
To use a service, customer sends query to HLR provider.
Query contains E.164 number of interest.
HLR provider responds with information data related to this number, such as:

HLR response content could vary depending on:

To produce a response, HLR provider might appeal to:

As far as HLR information is constantly changing due to Number portability, the relevance of provided information depends on the data source chosen and on the response speed.
Also, price depends on what data source has been chosen by HLR provider.
Obviously, direct query to mobile operators will cost more than local database lookup.

Smartswitch can act both as the HLR information supplicant and the HLR information supplier (see section HLR dipping).

After response has been received from HLR supplier, Smartswitch puts it into HLR cache.

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